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Novelty Gumball Machines

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  1. Jr Giant

    The Jr. Giant stands a massive 5' 4" tall and is 2 ft. in diameter--just put this machine on location and it will do the rest. The classic lines, massive size, and bright colors all combine to make this machine a landmark that kids will always find. Dispense gumballs, super balls, or toy capsules up to 2" in diameter from this machine. Learn More
  2. Jumbo Giant

    Towering at 6'-7", no one can miss this mother of all gumball machines. The stunning display of gumballs in its 35" diameter globe will make everyone want a piece and take a chunk out of the 23,000 1" gumballs it holds Learn More
  3. Ziggy Zig Zag

    Strong graphical elements make this zigzag vending machine an attractive choice for any location. This machine is great for 2" super balls and gumballs. Enjoy best value with American craftsmanship. Learn More
  4. Gumball Pinball Machine

    Attract more customers with this gumball vending and game machine in one. The dispensed gumball becomes a pinball for a little while for a chance to take up to 3 gumballs for 1 coin. Who wouldn't like to take that chance? Learn More

4 Item(s)